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Corporate Training Sessions

Katie facilitates workshops and corporate training sessions nation wide.  Her unique background as a Human Resources Manager and improviser creates the right tone for a successful collaboration with working professionals on improving their communication, listening, team-work, problem solving and public speaking skills.  She specializes in all levels and areas, from high level management training (Feedback and Appraisal Skills, Career Coaching, Managing Up). Sessions are tailored for participants, interactive, fun and incredibly valuable for all participants. 

Collegiate Improv Workshops
Katie creates and facilitates customized improv workshops for college and high school students across the United States.  Focusing on the short-form improv format, these workshops are incredibly valuable for any group looking to work on communication skills, active listening, problem solving, quick thinking and group mind.  The sessions are hands on, incredibly fun and fast paced - perfect for a young performer!
Private Coaching and Classes


Katie is available to coach your improv team or teach your class!  With a specialized background in long and short form improvisation, Katie has a huge playbook of exercises and games to help your team grow and evolve into the best performers you can be.  She has worked with house teams from The Pit, The Magnet, UCB and iO.  She is available to sub in when you need a last minute replacement or to partner with your team as your regular coach. 

Excellent references available upon request. 


Click to view Katie's Teaching Resume.   Contact Katie here! 

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