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Reviews for Broadway's Next Hit Musical! 


Bermuda Festival, "She Is Art" - Hamilton, Bermuda - March 2019 

Royal Gazette - March 6, 2019

"The multi-talented cast managed to make all the songs sound completely authentic and sincere, even though the titles seemed carefully engineered to sound utterly unpromising to any performer...

A standout moment for me was an operatic duet of Red Bird Soup by two nuns, Maria Josephina and Morphina Joseph (Katie Hammond and Deb Rabbai), before they murdered the Cardinal for stealing Maria’s contributions from the church suggestion box." - March 6, 2019

"Katie Hammond was delightfully apathetic as the witch who enchanted the One in Tights to prevent him from destroying the Prince."

The Triad Theatre, NYC - June 2nd, 2016

Broadway's Next Hit Musical - Phony Awards!

"We can’t forget Katie Hammond and Matt Giroveanu, who, in the hit song, “I Only Have One Hand” from their swashbuckling pirate musical, Before There Was Hook, utilize wordplay with aplomb.  (Some favorites include the description of the musical’s themes: “love, treasure and [other] things beyond our reach,” and a line in its presentation: “Come on, Hook. Get a grip!”)"

East Lansing, MI Tour - January 28, 2016

Wharton Features Totally Improvised Musical Comedy : NPR Radio Interview 




Hillsdale, MI Tour - January 23, 2014


"Swanson said he found the star of "Christmas No More," Katie Hammond, to be absolutely hilarious. Theater major and senior Katherine Denton agreed that Hammond's physical humor was a highlight of the performance.


"When Hammond came out as the wife and was so obnoxious and so hilarious and managed to set up the entire motivation for the scene, I was so impressed. They also kept bringing back the same jokes and had wonderful physicality," Denton said."


Reviews for SEASONS, the musical 

From The Happiest Medium


"It isn’t easy to tell an entire story without one word of spoken dialogue, let alone give proper attention to two concurrent plots that run simultaneously but never intertwine, except emotionally. Yet SEASONS does just that, and with such deep resonance that sold-out houses were sobbing as they watched the four central characters of Elaine Pechacek and Katie Hammond’s original musical live through one very specific year that, for them, was filled with love, joy, regret, confusion, despair, birth, and death."


"As a musical [writing] team Elaine Pechacek and Katie Hammond are strong; they understand how to approach a complex issue and develop it in a way that gives it a foundation of truth as well as drama."


"It’s no wonder SEASONS was sold out almost before it was announced in the festival and that a fourth show had to be added. I see a long life for this beautiful story – and hopefully many more Seasons of success for the team of Pechacek and Hammond."

Reviews for Debbie Does Dallas, the Musical 

May 2010; From THE ORLANDO SENTINEL; Reviewed by Matthew J. Palm

The Warren Acting Co. has wrung every last laugh out of that once trick. And the combination of a talented cast, perfect costuming, high-energy direction, clever music cues — even the creative way the set pieces are moved, for heaven’s sake — makes this raunchy comedy-musical much better than it deserves to be.


Melissa Mason is appealing as the perky — and morally ambiguous — Debbie, but it’s Debbie’s frenemy, the vapid Lisa (the hysterical Katie Hammond), who gets the biggest laughs with her slack-jawed Valley Girl speech.

From THE LEDGER (Orlando)


The entire cast is wonderful and up for the challenge. Mason adds the perfect touches of earnestness and mindlessness where needed and her voice does much to compliment the shows songs. Gracey plays the perfect teen jock, led in most of his actions by the part of his body north of his knees and south of his waist line. Almost stealing the show is Katie Hammond as Lisa, the libidinous cheerleader who provides competition for Rick’s attention while cracking up audiences with her borderline speech impediments. 


In short, put this one on your must see list for Fringe!


Reviews for The Executives; FREE KITTENS  

May 2009; From THE ORLANDO SENTINEL; By Elizabeth Maupin

Some of Free Kittens may be mystifying, especially for those of you who don’t fit the Gen-Y age demographic. But the Executives – who also include Summer Aiello, Katie Hammond and Jaime Jessup – deliver everything they promise, and they even tie it up neatly at the end. TV should be so lucky.


"Their [performance] was my favorite of the Preview and the entire show was pretty strong. Several very clever bits, especially the beach pail and shovel. So minimalist and funny.The more simple the idea, they better they did with it. Good laughs and pretty decent crowd for the tough-to-get-to 6:00 show. That Katie is going to be a standout. You can just tell the naturals from those who really have to work at it.Great first effort from all of them."

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